Companies Deny Having Bitcoin or Blockchain Services Amid China’s Clampdown

After Xunlei was questioned about Initial Miner Offerings (IMO), multiple public companies clarified that they did not and will not tap into the blockchain space. A Shenzhen-based bitcoin miner manufacturer issued a statement saying the business hasn’t generated much profit for the company. Also Read:China’s Regulatory Authority Warns About Risks of Initial Miner Offerings Produce

Google Search Volume for Bitcoin Keywords Increased by as Much as 1000% During 2017

Following bitcoin’s incredible performance and increased media coverage during 2017, there is no doubt that bitcoin has witnessed increased user adoption. Estimates regarding the scale of bitcoin’s growth vary due to the anonymous nature of bitcoins transactions; however, the search engine traffic for terms such as ‘bitcoin’ are generally seen as a reliable indicator of

Coingeek Funds Terabyte Block Initiative for Bitcoin Cash With 3.6M Euro

On January 15 the cryptocurrency media outlet and blockchain company Coingeek owned and operated by the financial tycoon Calvin Ayre announced funding an initiative called the ‘Terab Project’ with 3.6 million euro. Coingeek alongside its partners Nchain and Lokad, plan to massively scale the bitcoin cash blockchain to terabyte (1 million MB) size blocks which could

Metropolitan Bank Ceases Cryptocurrency-Related International Wires

Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp (NYSE: MCB), one of the fastest growing banks in the United States, is used by a number of major cryptocurrency exchanges. But the NYSE traded bank has ceased all cryptocurrency-related international wires effective immediately, according to a Fortune report. Also Read: Whistleblower Details Big Bank’s Plans to Prohibit Employees Owning Bitcoin “The Bitcoin